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His light kisses dancing down to her navel where he paused to flick his tongue quickly down it, eliciting a soft moan from Susannah. A loud gasp escaped Susannah, "Ooooh Jesse…oooohh". With that taken care of, he used both hands to stimulate both of her breasts, his fingers just grazing the skin, circling them from top to bottom, and occasionally gently rubbing her nipples between two fingers. Seeing her face relax into a satisfied gasp with some and a small frown forming with others, he continued to try different ways of entering her. Her moans rose in intensity, making him pull back to her folds, them moving up a little to find her clit.

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Bringing her hand to the back of his head, urging him on, she allowed her other hand to wander up to her breasts to caress them.

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Satisfied with her response, he pulled himself onto the bed, lowered himself onto her, and lightly kissed her stomach. Her moans increased in pace, nearly non-stop as Jesse stopped kissing and darting his tongue to pull her panties down past her sweet, tender folds. Neither ready to stop, not willing to let this feeling of pure pleasure end. He cupped them gently, caressing them as he increased his speed slightly. Jesse slowly began to thrust harder into her, his hands on her sides making their way to Susannah's breasts. His thrusts were so hard it made the bed slam against the wall and made Susannah cum long and hard.

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he kiss her nipples
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he kiss her nipples
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  1. Ummmm no one notices or mentions the fact that the guy was rubbing his nipples under his shirt at 5:09