Facial paralysis menstruation

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An increase in the interstitial fluid and peripheral edema in pregnancy results from plasma volume expansion and venous stasis. View at Google Scholar G. Subscribe to Table of Contents Alerts. The symptoms of stroke can come on suddenly and without warning. Herpes virus, which lives in the geniculate nucleus of the facial nerve, gets activated in conditions of compromised immunity. What causes facial paralysis?

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If the stroke happened too long ago for this treatment, the doctor may treat you with medications to reduce risk of further brain damage.

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Idiopathic facial paralysis, pregnancy, and the menstrual cycle.

Your doctor may also ask you to try to move your facial muscles by lifting your eyebrow, closing your eye, smiling, and frowning. The present case was diagnosed with hypertension when she was three months pregnant and took prescribed antihypertensive drugs for about two months. Increase in clotting factors in pregnancy results in a hypercoagulable state and thrombosis of vasa nervosum supplying the facial nerve can cause devascularization and ischemic nerve injury [ 8 ]. Depending on the cause, the paralysis might last for a short or extended period of time. The postnatal period was uneventful. What is the outlook for facial paralysis?

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facial paralysis menstruation
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facial paralysis menstruation
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