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I have worked very hard to raise my children in a household that upholds femininity as strong. We lit candles when things were unexpectedly stinky. How could she with such unwillingness to realize her depth? We sit down and hold hands and I tell her to look into my eyes and she does. We are so sorry we cannot thrive in an environment we were never supposed to thrive in in the first place.

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That is why we feel guilty.

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Because that's what we have to be -- what we've always been, yes, but now we have to OWN it -- and because of the women who have come before us WE CAN. We were punk ass kids. For every parent who is unwilling to talk about those kinds of things, another teenage girl is raped. When I was writing pro-Hillary posts on Mom. I tell her these things, over and over. Throughout history, people have had to scream and push and pull in order be heard and seen and recognized. He was the epitome of grace under fire.

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