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So I'll take a little nap on the bathroom floor, Last shoot, cab man, I'll need some more! We got one more bottle of Jack, what the fuck we gonna do with it? It's got me feeling alright. Charlie Scene and Danny: Too many treats that I can't afford. Not enough crackers, bitch, I need two more Still not enough for me to feed these hoes Too drunk to open the DeLorean doors So I take a little nap on the bathroom floor Last 'shroom cap, man, I'll need some more Lap dance, looking at me like she's bored Too many drinks that I can't afford, watch me run outside that door So let's mix the maker, meet the marker I'm in the mood for a little bit darker Got some paper and a lighter Time to set it all on fucking fire. Six shooters spraying, that's what I'm saying, No mo' shots, taking bottles to the brain man Chorus:

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But I got a little weed so I'ma roll it up, 'Cause funny's got a funny feeling that could change his luck Yeah, coming up, throwing up, west coast bangin', Maryjane, light it up, no complaining.

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One More Bottle

Official Lyrics Charlie Scene and Danny: So watch the city light the sky Funny Man: Watch me run outside that door. Let's get fucked up So if you got a little problem, there's one easy way we can stop it It starts with my dick in your mouth I feel like a million bucks But truth is, I'm about a bill away from broke as fuck But I got a little weed, so I'mma roll it up 'Cause Funny's got a funny feeling, it can change his luck Yeah, coming up, throwing up, West Coast banging Mary Jane, light it up, no complaining Six shooter spraying, that's what I'm saying No more shots, taking bottles to the brain, man. Notes from the Underground. One More Bottle Length: January 8, Writers:

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bottle fucker jack
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bottle fucker jack
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